h laboratory and field test, Oakley eye tracking system was used to study drivers' vision of potential improvement.Studies have shown that top the lens is critical, this part of the lens provided by the vision of driver performance and safety is very important.Unique design makes with the upper part of optical precision vision expanded by 44% (compared to ordinary sunglasses).Oakley will this part of the Jawbreaker lenses for perfection, for the wearer has brought unprecedented best vision. Ray Ban Sunglasses for Women on salePrizm new lens technology, to the driver's visual fine-tuning, strengthen eye is most sensitive to color, so that the driver could distinguish a way out on the most subtle changes, to discern the road edge and green vegetation, or rubble and wet mud hollow road.To capture the nuances, help the driver get more rapid response, improve ride performance.Cavendish demands is the highest level of protection.All protective device is inspired by similar armor rims and impact resistant single lens.Custom
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